When 72-year-old Peachtree City resident Richard McAllister took his four pet dogs one-by-one into his garage and killed them, he reportedly told police he could no longer care for the animals and thus put them down.

According to Peachtree City Police reports, that incident took place on Jan. 19 at McAllister’s home on Brander Pass. Since then, the arrest warrants used to incarcerate McAllister have been published into the public record, and they reveal details that have some people scratching their heads as to McAllister’s motives for what he is accused of doing.

Police say McAllister has admitted to shooting each of the dogs in the head with a .22-caliber pistol and then dumping their bodies into a garbage can. According to the warrants (one for each dog), McAllister killed a 10-year-old Husky, a nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, a five-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, and a five-year-old Shih Tzu.

In the narrative of each of the warrants, the police officer wrote, “The canine was not suffering in any known pain at the time of the incident.”

Fayette County Animal Control Director Rani Rathburn noted that all of the dogs were popular breeds for adoption, and she said the younger ones would have probably been placed in homes rather quickly. If not being able to afford the food and medical care had been a problem, she said that, too, can usually be sorted out through donations and discounts available through local humane societies.

McAllister was charged with four counts of Cruelty to Animals, but police have not said much about what, if any, explanation McAllister gave for killing the dogs. A phone number listed for McAllister’s address has been disconnected.

A woman listed as a witness on each of the four warrants, and whose last name is also McAllister, declined to comment when reached by telephone.