Should it stay or should it go?

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We moved.
I’d say we moved into a new home, however that’s not exactly correct. It is new to us but dates back to 1929. The last time we moved it was to move to Coweta County and that was 15 years ago. Moving was difficult then. It’s more difficult now because I am 15 years older. We have boxes and other items in the basement and I need to make a decision. Help me out here, will ‘ya? Here’s my list of items I don’t know if I should keep.
• I have a box-filled with 45s. Groups such as The Beatles; The Dave Clark Five; Dino, Desi, and that third guy in their group; the Supremes, Temptations, Four Tops, and more. Sure there was only one good song because we always ignored the B side, but shouldn’t I keep them because they’re original?
• Old ice trays made of aluminum with the pull lever to crack the cubes open. They belonged to my mother. Will my kids ever see a tray like that again? I want them to see living history, you know.
• Why I still have my parents 1960s console TV set, I don’t know. It was the kind where you only survived on four channels and there was no such thing as a remote back then. It’s pecan colored and has a record player on one side. Do I dare throw that away?
• My first cootie-catcher. How do I know it’s my first? It has my first boyfriend’s name from 6th grade in one of the triangles, that’s how. That stays.
• Who would want my set of World Book encyclopedias? I guess they are a keeper. ugh!
• VHS player. No Beta for us. And all those recorded tapes. Last night hubby and I watched a few to decide which to keep because some of them contained our children at their birthday parties, playing ball, piano recitals, band recitals, jumping on all the contraptions at our local gym, etc. Of course I wouldn’t dare depart with those…nor all my The Bachelorette shows from way back…especially our Georgia Peaches seasons – DeAnna Pappas (Newnan) and Andy Dorfman (Duluth, Georgia).
• I found an old check book belonging to my dad. You know my millennial boys do not know about such a thing. Should keep it to show them sometime, right?
• Can someone develop that old film strip from the 1960s that I found in the very back of a cluttered (obviously) drawer? If they only still had those Kodak-drive-thru-huts in the shopping strips’ parking lot like we used to I might be able to get it developed. Oh, wait a minute…I also found a Polaroid picture, too. It’s me with that 6th grade Cootie-Catcher boyfriend. You know we weren’t supposed to really shake those Polaroids but we did anyway. Keeping that for sure.
• Uh, oh. I can’t return this if I wanted to. It’s a Blockbuster vhs: the original “Ghostbusters”. I wonder if I paid the late fee. Oh, I see I didn’t rewind it…there would have been another fee for that.
• I never got around to getting this rotary dial phone down to the lake while I was decorating it in mid-century modern. So, of course it will be sent there as part of my Mad-Men-Don-Draper-esque décor. And it’s English pea green. Remember answering the phone every time it rang because you never knew who could be calling? And that cord tangled a lot probably because you would twist it with your finger as you nervously talked to a cute crush…hint, hint – that Cootie-Catcher 6th grader.
Ok, so it’s settled. Thanks for helping me decide “Should It Stay or Should It Go.”
Help me again sometime?