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Should Fayetteville get a liquor store? It’s not an easy answer

Fayetteville is home to the popular Suds on the Square Craft Beer Festival, but it could prove difficult to bring a liquor store to the City. (Staff Photo by Christopher Fairchild)

The City of Fayetteville has a popular beer and wine festival, Gremlin Growlers and its craft brews, and numerous bars where you can belly up and order a cold one. Is it time the City also gets its own liquor store?

A popular topic of conservation at the recent Suds on the Square Beer & Wine Festival was whether or not the City of Fayetteville should get a liquor store. Currently, thirsty residents have to drive to Peachtree City or Fairburn if they want more than the beer and wine offered at grocery stores. Revenue heading to other area municipalities could instead stay in the City if there was an option within Fayetteville limits.

An online poll posted by Fayette Newspapers showed a heavy lean in favor among respondents, with 76 percent voting “Yes, there should be a liquor store in Fayetteville.”

While there could be public sentiment, that’s a long ways from actually making it happen. If someone were to want to open a liquor store in Fayetteville, they would need patience. Due to state regulations, a petitioner requesting a liquor store would need the signatures of 35 percent of registered voters in Fayetteville in favor. If they hit that mark, and the County’s elections supervisor verifies the petition’s authenticity, the question would then go on a ballot.

“It’s sort of a long drawn out process,” said Anne Barksdale, City Clerk for Fayetteville. “That’s probably why there aren’t any here already.”

Once the first liquor store were open, it would make it that much easier for others to open.

Though the process is a complicated one, it has been done before. When alcoholic beverage sales by the drink were passed, it had to follow the same steps.

By Christopher Dunn

Managing Editor Christopher Dunn has been with the Fayette County News since 2011, in addition to running Fayette Victory magazine. He is a graduate of Fayette County schools, as well as a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in journalism. Follow him on twitter @fayettesports.