Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

“No news is good news.” I was struck by the truth of that phrase yesterday while reading a book by Becky Freeman, “From the Porch Swing,” and I want to go ahead right now and give her credit for her research of which I will now blatantly rip off. There seems really no need in me spending several hours scouring the internet for the statistics that she has already obtained and that I was so taken by.
We all know that the Mainstream Media distorts the majority of the news we watch, creating the appearance that the world is ugly, sad, evil, and unredeemable.
Well, the Reality is that 70 percent of our world is lovely! Yes, you heard me. Absolutely Lovely. Sure, 20 percent is, as Becky says in her book, pretty mundane, spent loading the dishwasher, weeding the flower bed, pressing your jeans (I do that, don’t you?).  Only 10 percent of the world is engaged in promoting the horror that is war, or are members of angry gangs who sell drugs to children, murder indiscriminately, or are souls lost in the dark vileness that is pornography and slave trafficking. Terrible situations, and we must do all that we possibly can to relieve the pain and suffering caused by cruel and vicious people who prey upon the innocent.
The world that the news focuses on is not a true picture of the world which most of us live in. The Media fixates on a small, generally negative portion of the goings on here on our bright and beautiful planet. They would have you believe that around every corner and in the heart of every stranger is evil! That there is little hope of escaping those black-hooded thugs, or that things will turn out all right, or heaven forbid, that Good will triumph.
Reality T.V has created an image of a world peopled by ridiculous men and women who spend their days shopping, drinking champagne and screaming at their “partner” in a relationship which lasts no longer than the glue on their false eyelashes! The Kardashians have given the world an impression that Americans are stupid people concerned with little beyond changing clothes, changing homes, and changing spouses. And the “Housewives of Beverly Hills-NYC-New Jersey-Atlanta” craft a picture of grotesque painted and peroxided women in 6″ heels and their pathetic husbands going from one party and one mate to another. Unworthy of your time!
More than ever today, many national news reporters seem to relish the role of Fear Monger. Or as Paparazzi, they rub their hands together in glee at the possibility of exposing the sad pasts of those who may have redeemed themselves, or may never have been guilty, but these third-rate reporters fall over one another in the race to destroy lives in order to sell their trash. Yellow journalists have hounded, branded, and created so many false scenarios that those who do hold Truth and Justice as crucial benchmarks in their work, have a difficult time receiving the trust or esteem an honorable newsman deserves.
The hate that sells newspapers, leads newscasts, and creates the divisiveness that some seem to want others to believe we in America wallow in, is NOT an emotion that most of us ever entertain. The only thing I “hate” are people screaming and shouting over the voice of someone else who is trying to explain their position, or belief, people who use the friendly forum of Facebook for snarky “debates” about politics or religion.
Oh no. Breaking News. Bad News. Because of the random, violent shooting of an elderly man in the Midwest posted on that same medium by the killer, with all its gruesome video details, Facebook will be reviewing its policies on “violent videos.” For crying out loud, they have a Policy? What’s to review?? How did that get past their monitors? The national News are notorious for showing horrendous beatings, gang rapes, and murder victims at 6 pm. We thought we were safe from this kind of vileness on Facebook. But like cable TV, it seems there are those who want to use FB in order to dump that 10 percent of ugly right into our homes. Now that makes me very angry!
We enjoy using Facebook in our home. It is a grand tool which makes it possible to see our precious family who live hundreds of miles away–playing, growing, laughing, and loving. Remember when we had to wait days on the Easter or birthday photos to be developed and mailed to us? Now, we are able to share the grins and giggles, to enjoy their world and share ours in living color almost instantly.
I hope that the people in charge of social media programs will be more watchful and will do more to protect us and our children–who spend much more than 10 percent of their sweet lives searching, texting, tweeting, posting and viewing Instagram and checking their Facebook page for followers and “hits” (is that what they call it?). I pray they will try harder to protect us from the 10 percent of Ugly, from the gruesome, the harmful.
Remember when your mom used to fuss, saying “Get your nose out of that book and get outside for some fresh air!” Now I want to say to my grandchildren and many adult family members (I will not call names), “Darlings, get your noses out from in front of that computer, phone, TV, whatever…and watch the world right in front of your face.” I want them to engage, really face to face with this great, big, beautiful world of ours. And it would be nice if they would talk to me some, too! LOL
Thank you, Becky Freeman for reminding me that 70 percent of our days are meant for good and to remind us that God has a plan for each of us and “It is good.”
*see Jeremiah 29:11