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Senoia man arrested for hospital prescription thefts

Allison-perpwalkFayetteville Police this morning arrested a Senoia man at his Autumn Creek home in connection with the suspected theft of numerous narcotics prescriptions from secure areas at Piedmont Fayette, Piedmont Newnan and Piedmont Henry hospitals.

According to Fayetteville Police Lieutenant Mike Whtilow, his agency took 43-year-old Grant Christopher Allison in custody and charged him so far with two cases of Burglary.

“He entered the premises with intent to steal,” Whitlow said, explaining the nature of the charges dated Oct. 6 and 10. As the investigation unfolds, he said more charges are likely.

After police interviewed Allison at their headquarters this morning, Whitlow said it appears Allison has “some knowledge of hospital procedures,” and that all of his known “creeper” activities seem to have taken place at Piedmont locations.

Whitlow said it also appears Allison crafted his own fake identification badge, which he used while dressed in plain clothes to blend in with hospital staff. He is suspected of slipping into secure areas of the hospitals when electronically locked doors were opened by other people with legitimate security badges.

Allison allegedly filled those prescriptions at pharmacies, and he is suspected of selling the drugs to other people.

“I think Piedmont was who he was most familiar with,” Whitlow said.

“It’s been an eye opener for the hospital,” Whitlow added. “Piedmont is already adjusting their procedures because of this.”

Whitlow said Senoia Police assisted in this morning’s search warrant execution at Allison’s home, which led to Allison’s arrest.

By Danny Harrison

Danny Harrison, a 1992 Fayette High School graduate, began his journalism career with Fayette County News in 1995. After taking several leaves of absence to pursue journalism and Christian ministry opportunities, including a few out of state and overseas, he returned full-time to Fayette County News in August 2014. Harrison earned a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry in 2009 while serving as a missionary journalist in England and Western Europe.