Senoia’s Planning Commission on Tuesday night gave an initial thumbs-up to a plan to bring more retail, restaurant and even residential buildings to the city’s historic Main Street District, a project managed and partly owned by Raleigh Studios Atlanta owner Scott Tigchelaar.

For the most part, planning commissioners’ votes amount to recommendations, which will then be forwarded to Senoia City Council, which is scheduled to look at the project at its Nov. 3 meeting.

The project would involve the vacant lot just south of the Masonic lodge on the east side of Main Street, and it would extend across Barnes Street to a pair of lots recently used as residential properties. One of those other lots is owned by Tigchelaar. The other is owned by Randall Cotrill and Dave McGraw. Tigchelaar told planning commissioners he would manage the entire project on behalf of all of the owners.

According to drawings Tigchelaar showed commissioners, a small complex of six retail shops and one upscale restaurant would be built on the east side of Barnes Street, directly across from the vacant lot that sits between Barnes and Main streets. The drawings assume the City of Senoia will agree to a sort of land swap deal, in which Tigchelaar will trade the back portion of his property for a street-front portion of the city’s newly purchased parking lot, which is located adjacently and extends up to Seavy Street.

Currently the city’s parking lot is graveled, but Tigchelaar and city officials agree it would be a good idea, if Tigchelaar’s new development gets approved, to pave the city’s parking lot at the same time as Tigchelaar develops the new retail and restaurant properties.