“This town is just totally dysfunctional” – Senator David Perdue (Bret Baier Show, Fox News, 10-28-19)
According to many polls, most Americans agree, Senator. That’s why we elected you, a wealthy businessman with absolutely no governmental experience, to clean things up (wow, where have I heard that before). Instead of draining the swamp, you have betrayed Georgia voters by becoming a totally partisan hack and a lackey for a President in deep trouble of his own making.
In your recent Baier/Fox News appearance you blamed the Democrats for numerous ills, including “obstructing the President” and holding up legislation based “sheerly on politics.” You emphatically stated that Speaker Nancy Pelosi “needs to get something done.”
Senator, you must be living in an alternate universe of your own making. In the real world, it’s the GOP-controlled Senate and the Grim Reaper (Mitch McConnell’s description of himself) that are stalling bills, not the House.
Under Pelosi’s leadership, the House has passed a large number of bills (“The House-passed bills that have ended up in the Senate graveyard”; the Hill; 6-23-19). Thanks to the “Grim Reaper,” they are currently not even being brought up for consideration in the Senate (two bills brought up but stalled are noted).
Among the bills are the following vital acts relating to: 
• LGBTQ rights (HR 5)
• Dreamer immigrant protection (HR 6)
• Pay fairness (HR 7)
• Gun background checks (HR 8)
• Environmental health (HR 9)
• Raising the minimum wage (582)
• Drug price controls (HR 987; co-sponsored by Rep. McBath of GA; stuck in the Senate Committee on Health since May)
• Domestic Abuse (HR 1585)
• Restoring net neutrality (HR 1644; co-sponsored by Reps. Lewis, Bishop, McBath and Johnson of GA; stalled in the Senate since April) 
It’s not that the Senate can’t get things done, it’s just that the GOP majority doesn’t want to do anything that might be considered bi- partisan. 
McConnell changed the Senate rules previously requiring a 60 percent majority to approve Supreme Court Justices, thus enabling two right wing justices to be appointed with a slim majority vote. McConnell has also quickly pushed through a record number of Federal judges (almost 200) by limiting debate. Among the more questionable people approved by the GOP Senate are several lawyers who received an “unqualified” rating from the non-partisan American Bar Association. One of them was an attorney who had never tried a case in a court room. So, the Grim Reaper can actually get something accomplished, even if it’s wrong, if he wants to do so.
As a former local GOP elected official, I understand why the Grim Reaper refuses to let the above bills come up for a vote. Duplicitous politicos like Perdue do not want to be on the record opposing bills that the majority of Americans support. It’s a lot easier for them to double talk and do absolutely nothing, like Perdue does on gun control legislation.
So, it’s obvious where the holdup is, Senator Mitch McConnell and the GOP-controlled Senate, people just like you. It’s also obvious why you and other Trump lackeys said that the House is doing nothing. You wanted to divert attention from the impeachment effort, by incorrectly saying the House was doing nothing else. 
The facts prove you wrong, Senator, but anyone who could state to Fox News’s Bret Baier (with a straight face) that 50 percent of the people booing the President at a televised World Series game were actually cheering him, simply can’t be relied upon to see the truth versus politically convenient “alternative facts.” Congrats, Senator, you are now truly a typical, swampy D.C. politician. Now, if only Georgia’s voters will wake up to this fact before November.

Jack Bernard, a retired SVP with a large national healthcare firm, has worked extensively with hospitals across the nation regarding cost containment and insurance. He was also the first Director of Health Planning for Georgia.