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Sandy Creek: TheSeason shining spotlight on Patriot football

La’Sonia and Jeremiah Terrence produce another episode of Sandy Creek: TheSeason, a weekly web-based mini-series documenting the 2014 Patriot football season. Each episode can be viewed on YouTube.

Sandy Creek has busted into the ranks of the state’s elite football programs over the last several years. They have state championships, famous alumni, heaps of big college signees, and national recognition and accolades. You can add their own documentary series to that list. “Sandy Creek: TheSeason” is shining a bright light on the Patriot football powerhouse.

Sandy Creek parents Jeremiah and La’Sonia Terrence launched the weekly web-based mini-series this season as a labor of love. Jeremiah is the director and editor. La’Sonia is the executive producer and shares narration duties with Ryan Gunnin. Both Terrences are writers and cameramen. They pour hours upon hours of their time each week into the finished product.

For Jeremiah, it started in part as a way to show how much high school football means down south to his old friends back up north. “I’m from Philly and I’d been trying to explain to people back home how it is. High school football is such a big deal you wouldn’t believe it,” said Jeremiah. “Instead of trying to explain it, I decided to do a documentary about it.”

Jeremiah works in law enforcement for his day job with coworkers mostly from the north side. He wanted to be able to highlight the Patriots and football on the south side for them and everyone else. “TheSeason” has been viewed both around the country and even internationally.

“When it comes to football, Sandy Creek is the thing we talk about on the south end,” Jeremiah said. “We just wanted to get the word out about the football and Fayette County.”

Coach Chip Walker and the coaching staff offered up free access, starting with February’s National Signing Day. “TheSeason’s” first episode starts with that signing day, then highlights the blood, sweat, and tears of offseason work that went into building the 2014 Patriots. Subsequent episodes, released every weekend on YouTube, have focused on each week’s varsity game.

They also highlight the parents and the coaches, the people behind the scenes. And with the players, they shine a light on the players behind the facemasks.

“There are so many backstories. Everyone knows about Sandy Creek. Everybody knows about Calvin Johnson. But what about everyone else?” asked Jeremiah. “The experience is still so fun for everyone.”

It’s been a big hit, too. The Terrences are met with anxious viewers each week. “The parents talk about how much they love the films,” said La’Sonia. “They love the instant replays. They get to see the plays they couldn’t wait to see again.”

The Terrences are hopeful for the future of TheSeason too.

“My hope is every year it will carry on. We’re certainly doing it for the next three years,” Jeremiah said. “We want to teach the next group of parents to continue it. We would like to get students involved someday (if the school starts a media program).”

They could use some assistance though.

“We donate all our time. Our hope is that we can get sponsors to help with equipment,” said Jeremiah. “Sponsors could help accumulate more equipment to keep it fresh and professional.”

After the year is complete, hopefully with another state championship, the whole run of TheSeason will be available in a box set. Individual highlights can also be purchased. In addition to recording sporting events of all kinds, the Terrences to film special occasions like graduations, weddings, parties and other events. They also provide professional editing and other services. For more information on their services, you can contact La’Sonia Terrence and La’Sonia Event Film Productions at 484-529-0492.

By Christopher Dunn

Managing Editor Christopher Dunn has been with the Fayette County News since 2011, in addition to running Fayette Victory magazine. He is a graduate of Fayette County schools, as well as a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in journalism. Follow him on twitter @fayettesports.