Staff Photos by Christopher Dunn

IMG_3284by Russell Cooks

Are you ready for some football? Yes, we are! There was an awesome preview of what we will see this fall at the Sandy Creek Spring Game on Thursday. As usual, the stands were packed with fans, and the sideline was lined up with scouts from all over the country. You see, Sandy Creek is viewed as a hotbed for talent, and not just for high school talent. The Creek has also produced quite a few NFL players. Most recently, Mike Hilton signed with the Jacksonsonville Jaguars and Bruce Dukes signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.
Here is the feedback from a few scouts attending the game:
Coach Larry Porter from the University of North Carolina said, “I am looking at players in general. I think that Coach (Chip) Walker has always run a fine program. The kids are well coached and they play hard.”
Coach Rodney Garner from Auburn added, “I am here to just evaluate the kids. They do a great job. It is a topnotch program.”
Coach Scott Sloan from Appalachian State said, “We are really evaluating all the guys. Coach Walker does a great job of coaching these guys, and we always want to be here to get some great and well-coached talent.”
Coach Taylor Burkes of Georgia Military College stated, “I just returned to Georgia Military College, so I am out here to reconnect with the coaches. We are a great alternative for the players who need to spend two years with us and then move on to a larger program, and we know that there is a lot of great and well-coached talent at Sandy Creek.”
Coach Vinny Marino from Davidson University said, “I wanted to watch the spring game and evaluate a couple of recruits. I know that Coach Walker does a good job and I wanted to make a live evaluation.”
Coach Shadon Brown of Army West Point added, “I have worked with Sandy Creek for many years, and they always develop great talent and I wanted to come see the new talent firsthand. It has been an awesome scrimmage and we will definitely continue to evaluate some of these players.”
Coach Greg Moss of Florida International University said, “This is my first time here. It is a great program. I have seen some great plays made by the offense and defense. I have also heard some pads popping and it is great football. It was the kind of action that as coaches we love to see.”
Head coach Chip Walker said, “I was very pleased with spring practice and the scrimmage itself. Our guys had a really good couple weeks of spring ball. We feel like we’ve addressed some areas that needed attention and are ready for the summer to begin. I thought Drezyn Parson and Kaleb Slaughter both had really good scrimmages. Both the offensive line and defensive line have had good springs, and I think we are really solid in both areas.”
Neither the fans nor the scouts were disappointed, as they witnessed some awesome plays on both sides of the ball. Two of the offensive highlights were long touchdown passes from quarterback Bryant Walker to wide receiver Kaleb Slaughter. Walker displayed perfect touch while Slaughter showed off his great hands and world-class speed.
Drezyn Parson was another impact player on the offensive side of the ball. Parson ran effectively inside and outside with the ball and was effective catching the ball from the slot position as well. He is definitely a threat anytime that he touches the ball.
When asked about the scrimmage, Parson said, “I felt good about it. We started a little slow, but we picked it up. When Kaleb Slaughter scored the first touchdown, we took our pace to another level. He was a great motivator for the team.”
When asked about his performance and the two touchdowns, Slaughter said, “Bryant and I found a great rhythm, and we will continue to grow and get better. I felt good today, but we must continue to grind and get better. We have more seniors on this year’s team than last year’s, so that will give us more stability. We also have a great deal of talent that is coming over from Flat Rock, so we must encourage them and get them to play at the high school level.”
Jaelen Greene added, “The scrimmage was going great. I love to scrimmage and we were looking good on both sides of the ball.”
When asked what they need in order to win the state championship, Greene said, “We need more leadership. We need more chemistry. We lost a lot of seniors, and we need to gel together as a team. I think the replacement players who will be filling the spots that we need to have filled are stepping up. They were definitely getting the job done during spring practice as well as in the scrimmage.”
Coach Brett Garvin, defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, added, “I thought we made a lot progress overall, especially the offense. On the defensive side, we did good in most areas, however, we have some young players and they must continue to grow. I am very pleased with their progress, but we must continue to get better day in and day out. As long as we continue to grow every day, then we are going to be fine.”
Garvin singled out a few standouts. “Nick Fulwider, Nate Brown, Devin Freeman, and Kobe Warrior all definitely did an outstanding job.”
Nate Brown said, “I thought we had a good game. I thought we had good preparation going in to it. I am excited about the upcoming season to see what we can do. I think we have a lot of potential.”
When asked how he felt about the eighth graders that are coming over from Flat Rock, Brown replied, “Some of the young guys were able to help some and they should be able to contribute next year.”