For more than a decade, Royal Stix has been serving the families of Fayette County, and with a freshly renewed focus, they’re dedicated to keeping you happy far into the future.

Alex Xu took over Royal Stix in 2011 and brought with him a blend of classics and innovation to the Fayette favorite. It’s about preserving what patrons have loved since the restaurant opened in 2009, while building on a beautiful tradition for the next decade and beyond.

The menu combines traditional Asian dishes and modern bistro-style options. With a full slate of succulent Chinese and Thai options, hibachi-grilled delights, and a full compliment of fresh sushi choices, you’re sure to have a hard time settling on just one selection. They also offer a wide array of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

If you’re dining in, the ambience is built for the family, with a fresh sushi bar for the adults and a fish tank running along each booth to delight young diners.

“It’s still the most beautiful restaurant in town,” said Xu.

Beyond feeding Fayette for many years, Xu takes pride in what Royal Stix has put back into the community that has supported them. They offer discounts to first responders and government employees, but he’s most proud of how many job opportunities they’ve been able to create for young workers. ‪Always part of the family, many still come back to enjoy the restaurant they once called home.‬

“Generation by generation, kids have worked here, gone to college, and they still come back and have dinner here with their families,” he said. “It’s a family restaurant, and everybody knows it.”

With a proud history in town, Royal Stix will soon celebrate their past and future. Next year will mark a decade in business, and they have a lot of big plans in the making to mark the milestone.

“We want to thank the people who have supported us,” said Xu.

In the meantime, they are continuing to sharpen up their focus, making select renovations and dedicating themselves to updating all health and safety measures.

“It’s the small things that we’re fixing.”

The Royal Stix family has grown, too. Xu opened the thriving and fast-growing AZN Sandwich Bar, first in Fayetteville and now with a second location in Peachtree City. With a full juice bar and a Chipotle-style menu where you pick out your protein and vegetables from a plethora of options, AZN is a fresh, healthy option for diners on the go, especially geared towards millennials.

“We want to encourage the next generation to eat more healthy where the food still tastes good.”

From classic Asian favorites to modern fusion options, the message is a simple one.

“We’re still Royal Stix,” said Xu. “We’re still the best Asian restaurant in town, and we want to serve you for the next decade.”


Royal Stix is located at 805 South Glynn St. in the Kroger Shopping Center on the south side of Fayetteville. Order online for pickup or delivery at