Royal Animal Refuge is asking you to help the most vulnerable animals. The non-profit, no-kill facility in Tyrone has stepped up to save animals running out of time, and they are hoping the community will step up to help them continue their mission.

Royal Animal Refuge’s 30-330 campaign will support them as they work on their mission to promote animal welfare, find homes for unwanted pets, provide humane care for all animals, and educate the community. If they can get 330 families, people, or businesses to pledge $30 a month, it would sustain their lifesaving work.

“Our whole thing is based on donations,” said founder Rebecca Tate, whose group is not financially supported by the county and does not receive grant money. “If we can get 330 (commitments) to donate $30 a month, that would help take care of the whole shelter each month.”

Supporting Royal Animal Refuge is supporting giving animals a second chance at life. Abandoned dogs have found love there, and they’ve stepped in when dogs were deemed aggressive by the county animal shelter. Dogs that were due to be euthanized are instead getting a second chance. Rather than being limited to a kennel away from volunteers at the shelter because of liability fears, the dogs get a chance to warm up to humans again.

The time to launch the campaign made perfect sense with Thanksgiving and the holidays on people’s minds.

“It’s about being thankful, and we’re so very thankful to be able to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Tate has seen that Fayette is a community that cares. Last month, when a dog was found in the middle of the road dying, the community came together to save her. Pearl needed thousands in donations for medical care, and every call for help was answered. Now, Pearl is recovering beautifully at Royal Animal Refuge and ready to find her forever home.

“It makes you feel like you can do things like that because you’re not going to be stuck by yourself,” said Tate. “Sometimes in rescue you feel like you’re by yourself. You’re stuck paying the bills.”

It was validation that people believe in Royal Animal Refuge.

“It reminds us we’re in it for the right reasons.”

For more information on how to join the 30-330 campaign or on how to volunteer at the refuge, go to