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Routine traffic stop leads to four arrests

A routine traffic stop led to four individuals getting arrested in Peachtree City on Wednesday night.

Peachtree City Police were patrolling an intersection of Highway 54 when they pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. The officer found that the driver had an outstanding warrant and was arrested. The driver asked if his passenger could drive the car, at which point the officer checked to verify he had a valid license and realized the passenger had an outstanding warrant as well.

The offenders were identified as William Briley, 43, from Newnan and Allen Mobley, 26, from Hampton. Both were arrested on the scene.

Police granted the offenders permission to contact their girlfriends to pick up the vehicle. Once the girlfriends arrived, they were also found to have outstanding warrants.

Danielle Teigue, 27, from Newnan and Katherine McClearen, 30, from Fayetteville were arrested and taken into custody.

All parties were taken to the county jail. The vehicle was eventually taken to the impound.