By Sydney Spencer 

FAYETTEVILLE — On August 5 Fayetteville will be welcoming a new beauty supply store to the city.

Roots Hair & Beauty is a new hair store located in the Fayette Pavilion. This is the first Black owned store of its kind in the area and is expected to bring in revenue to the county.

Roughly 7 years ago, owner Sam Tisdale built the first two franchises in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He brought a franchise to Fayetteville for his first location in Georgia.

Store Manager Victoria King explains how the business got started and where the other stores are located.

“It started about seven years ago,” said King. “Our owner Sam Tisdale, he is from Kansas City, but he had moved to Tennessee. We opened our first store on Brainerd Road in Chattanooga. Then, our second store on Hwy 58 also in Chattanooga and then we made our way to Nashville. This is our first location in Georgia,” added King.

King goes on to bring light to why Tisdale created the business and how it will assist the community with diversity and inclusion.

“We definitely wanted to bring and spread wealth amongst the Black community,” said King. “For the most part, people know when you go to a hair store it’s usually not Black people that own it, but we’re the only ones that shop there. We want to create an environment where people can come in and have people that have the same hair type as them, know what products will work best for them and can actually help them,” added King.

When asked why the final destination was Fayetteville, King explains how the plan was to be close to Atlanta for people who live in Atlanta and those who do not.

“We wanted to be somewhere close to Atlanta because we think of it as Black Wall Street,” said King. “We definitely wanted to bring it here specifically because of the Pavilion. Mr. Tisdale didn’t want it too much in downtown Atlanta, but still accessible to everyone in Atlanta and outside of it,” added King.

While residing in Fayetteville, Roots Hair & Beauty plans to cement their name and grow the business. They also want to be a template for other owners who are thinking about opening a similar store.

“We look forward to the business growing and getting our name out there,” said King. “At some point we want to have our stores all over the country. Not even just that, but we want to be able to open the door for others to open their own Black owned businesses. It’s very difficult as a Black person to open a store like this, so we want to contribute to paving the way for that,” added King.

The beauty supply store will offer wigs, different variations of hair, natural styling products and supplies for barber and nail shops.

“We offer wigs, human hair, braiding hair, crochet hair and pretty much any natural product you can think of,” said King. “Barber supplies and we’re just starting to carry nail supplies like the practice hands and acrylics. Makeup and jewelry are being sold as well. The only thing we don’t have are clothes, hats, socks and things like that,” added King.

The top selling product at the store are wigs. King touches on how the majority of people come for the Wig Room.

“Really a lot of people come for the Wig Room,” said King. “At our store in Nashville, people would specifically come in for the Wig Room all the time. It’s a private space, we offer a try-on station where you can try on as many wigs as you’d like and there will be people back here helping you and informing you on the wig. This service isn’t offered at any other shops that I know of, so we want to give our customers a good experience,” added King.

For opening week, Roots & Beauty will be offering human hair bundles on sale for 80% off. They will also have 99 cent crochet and braiding hair. For the first 100 customers that arrive on August 5 they will receive either free wigs, bundles, closures, products or crochet hair as well.

The official ribbon cutting is scheduled for August 4 at 4 p.m. and grand opening will be August 5. The business recommends you get there early to take advantage of the deals.