PEACHTREE CITY – A 14-year-old girl has been arrested and detained in connection to the Walmart fire that occurred on Wednesday Aug. 24.

According to a (Peachtree City Police Department) news release that appears to have been obtained by The Citizen – but was not released to the Fayette County News as of press time – the Walmart location suffered significant damage to the interior of the store, and the fire was intentionally set on the paper goods aisle.

According to Peachtree City Police Spokesperson Chris Hyatt, the official press release will be open to all media outlets in the afternoon.

The arrest appears to have been made on Aug. 30.

“On the evening of August 30, a search warrant was executed on the suspect’s residence in Peachtree City, which included an interview with the suspect who admitted to the starting the fire,” The Citizen’s report said, “As a result, a 14-year-old female juvenile was taken into custody and charged with Arson in the 1st Degree. The investigation revealed no evidence of a specific motive or participation in an organized activity.”