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Transgender, as defined by its proponents, is that men and women are the same is a myth created by right wing fundamentalist Christians. In fact, the sexes are, on an esoteric level of self-examination, the same. How, I mused, did this distortion of our sexual identity get started in the first place?
Well, the founding kernel was foisted upon the straight world by the Feminists as far back as the sixties. Remember “The Women’s Movement.”  Actually it was not the “Women’s” movement, it was some women’s movement. They were the ones with the leather bra straps and canvas camisoles. They formed a new front of grim sodality and leapt in rout step into the New Age kerfuffle. They got themselves matching tattoos to show unity, read the same nonce books, and formed love groups that stood around the campfire, burning their Playtex, and practicing blood curdling yells from the powder rooms declaring their secession from gender classification. In general, they curled their lips, assumed a fevered brow attitude, and snarled at the thought of anything male, peddling ideas one might expect from hookers and airline stewardesses.
A few specifics, though admittedly somewhat dated, of the early rantings of these new age gals are worth noting. Susan Griffin, an author of several leading-edge feminist theories regarding rape, pornography, and the body commented in a speech labeled “Rape in the Rape Culture,” that any system which treats woman as separate beings contributes to rape. Not having women in positions of equal power causes rape and not having women in tenured positions in University causes rape. Griffin even quotes Ovid, who she claims is the author of a sex-manual, “and when I beg you to say yes, say no. Then let me lie outside your bolted door so that love grows strong.” Huh?
Leah Fritz brayed in her book, “Thinking Like a Woman,” “I will no longer support the male ego. I have quietly tolerated macho men until it sickens me to the point of vomiting. I will no longer tolerate it in men. I will puke openly. I have trained myself to puke at the sight of the government, at the male police, at the FBI or if needed, at the drop of a hat…”
Over the last eight years or so, generally, and specifically during the Obama pretentions of presidency period, society has moved bag and baggage into a slag of political correctness. The language has been tyrannized so as to give it either a non-gender allusion or a sort of sister-spin, e.g., person-hole for man-hole, congressperson for congressman, Chairperson for Chairwoman, all in an attempt to exile the masculine pronoun, leaving no traces of gender difference, save the contours of the ladies derrieres, which even liberal legislation cannot hide.
This mindset to emasculate our language has done nothing but spread myth and ignorance about divisions of labor and sexual identity, thus leaving both men and women in the dark about their physical nature. Less amusing, but more serious, is that America’s children are the ones who suffer most. They are the real unsung victims. They are the ones who are most often left alone while their ticked off moms run off on a mission bent on proving that they can swing a shovel, put out a fire, or write a court brief just a well as any man.
Another bi-product of out-of-control feminism is that they have urged legislation (successfully) to allow same sex marriages and keep a child as sort of chattel. In California, for example, clinics have sprung up, pushing the new-age notion that same-sex couples have a divine right to conceive a child artificially, birth it, and rationalize the whole thing by declaring that everyone has a right to own a cute little human being.
H.L. Mencken sums it up thusly, “Feminists would, if they could, shave all the heads of pretty girls, pluck their eyebrows, force feed them gallons of bust reduction potion, dress them in khaki trews, forbid them lipstick or pleasant scents, but more importantly, disallow dancing at a co-ed prom for fear of getting raped.”
Good bye and good riddance of PC.