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Rapper Rick Ross charged in assault that left victim unable to chew solid foods

Rick Ross
Rick Ross
Nadrian James
Nadrian James

Just weeks after spending a night in the Fayette County jail for drug possession, rapper Rick Ross is back in custody, this time charged with the much more serious crimes of kidnapping, aggravated battery, and aggravated assault.
The assault, which allegedly occurred at Ross’ Fayetteville mansion on June 7, left the victim with a broken jaw, restricted to a diet of soft foods and liquid. Ross was reportedly having work done on the home by the victim when a fight was initiated between them, leading to the alleged assault and kidnapping.
The 39-year-old Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, was arrested along with Nadrian Lateef James, 42, who received charges of aggravated battery and kidnapping.
The two were arrested without incident at Ross’ Fayetteville mansion on Highway 279 on June 24 for crimes allegedly committed on June 7.
Warrants for their arrest detail the alleged crimes, which left victim Jonathan Zamudio without the “use of his jaw and restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as a result of not being able to chew food,” the warrant reads, describing the injuries as “two chipped teeth, jaw injury, neck injury, multiple scratches and contusions.”
That charge is attributed to James, who also was charged with kidnapping for physically forcing Zamudio “down a hallway, into a bedroom, and forced to remain,” the warrant reads.
Ross is alleged to have assaulted Zamudio with a handgun, striking him in the head and body, which the warrant said lead to visible injuries. The warrant also alleges Ross pointed the weapon, a Glock 17, at Zamudio in a threatening manner.
The two are being held in Fayette County jail.