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Rain? Really?

Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.
Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

What a lovely week. Rain. Sun. Rain. Brilliant, glorious Sun! Maybe a little more rain on Sunday, but we have grown accustomed to rainy day Sundays, haven’t we? I mean, we all go round singing or humming that tune by the same name.
One of the most pleasant days I had this past week was Friday. It started a bit earlier than what I normally like to start the day, say 9:30am. I was expecting my friend Sheridan to drop by early and so I did not take my second cup of coffee back to bed but instead got dressed in my “I can greet people at the door clothes,” as opposed to my usual early morning fright wig and baggy thrift store PJs.
She showed up at about 11, arms full of blooms and mixed greenery and seemed a little surprised that I had been ready to start playing flower shop in my kitchen two hours earlier. In her defense, she had been in high gear all week planning and executing the most amazing baby shower for her grandson-to-be, and had then stayed up all night relaxing while watching “Longmire” on Netflix. Who am I to scold since Bill and I are exactly the people who insisted she would love the show, and now she is binging through season five!
We finished our pleasant chore and she dashed off to Lindsey’s Beads and Lace shop on Main Street in Senoia to deposit a half dozen beautiful arrangements for weekend shoppers. Bill and I then grabbed the banana bread I had baked while waiting, plus a special “manly” floral piece we had made, and a Get Well card before heading over to check on our friend Ralph Arnold.
It was so good to see Ralph himself open the door and welcome us in; he has had quite a bout with that bad ole flu bug and then some complications. But he cheered us up with his smiles and of course one of his jokes before we could skedaddle on over to the Snap Fitness gym to do a little walking and to lift a few pounds. (Wish we could “drop” a few as easily.)
Surprise! There was Ana from my Writing Group who was just leaving as we arrived. Very serendipitous meeting. She is doing an article for a local magazine on area Book Clubs and had heard that there was a new group forming of which I was involved. “Absolutely!” I promised to get the information to her ASAP, but more importantly she was able to share some wonderful tips about getting a new group off the ground and running. Seems her group is planning on going together to see the new movie entitled…ta ta ta da… “The Book Club!” The planets must be aligning in my favor or something.
Just minutes later while Bill was riding one of the stationary bikes, I started a conversation with a lady who was on the treadmill next to me. Long story short, Penny visited last year from Florida and decided to move here and “Love Senoia.” She had not seen the art exhibit this month still on display at the Historical Society at #6 Couch Street and promised to stop by before closing time at 4 pm. The work of the folks from the Senoia Artist Collective (who meet at noon each Friday at the Senoia Coffee Shop) will be shown through March 16 & 17.  Another serendipitous meeting as Penny promised to pick up a membership application while there. I love this town!
When we got home and I checked my emails, I had a terrific surprise. Tomorrow was going to be a Wonderful Day! My daughter texted that our grandson had dropped into town unexpectedly and they were available for lunch Saturday. A freshman at Georgia Tech, Carter’s visits are as rare as hen’s teeth.
Between playing in the band during marching season and now for as part of the pep band for basketball games, studying like crazy for physics and calculus stuff (he is a music tech major for crying out loud), plus visiting his very cute and sweet girlfriend Samantha down in Milledgeville, the young man hardly has time to sleep much less hang out with his buds or his family. Can you see how exciting this impromptu visit was, how much we have hoped to see The Kid? Of course you can. Any parent or grandparent who has watched a child leave home, who has waved a tearful farewell from the front steps as the car carrying the most precious thing on this planet disappears around the corner, knows exactly what we were feeling.
The Saturday lunch with Carter and his mom was everything and more. I learned all about what one does as part of a very cool band, how Sam is enjoying her sorority, what one room with four guys in it smells like, and more than I ever wanted to know about what is on a Physics Test!
It was pure pleasure watching Carter wolf down three giant slabs of Big Chic strips and an order of fries, also fun to hear the family banter between him and his mom about cars and clothes and phone bills. Lol. But it was oh, so sweet to be gathered up in that big ole bear hug and to hear promises of, “I love you, too, Grandmother.” A truly beautiful day.