Fayette County


Questions remain in gunshot wound to 3 year old

A 3-year-old Fayetteville boy was taken to Piedmont Fayette Hospital March 9 for a gunshot wound, and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department is still trying to figure out what happened.

The department responded to a call from Piedmont Hospital March 9 about a gunshot wound. When the officers arrived, they discovered the child with a gunshot wound to his hand.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the mother of the child heard a gunshot in her home and and went to her son’s room where she found him holding his hand up with a wound and a stunned look on his face. The woman took her son to the hospital and told officials after they had secured the residence that the gun was hers, but she could not remember where it was located at the time of the incident. The investigation is continuing.