An early morning incident Saturday morning involving a chase sent two Atlanta area residents to the Fayette County Jail.

Andre Bernard, 46 is charged with a felony of fleeing a law enforcement officer and obstruction of an officer.

The driver of the vehicle, Llewellyn Blackmon, 50, is charged with nearly 20 violations, including striking two vehicles, along with hitting a Fayette deputy vehicle.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the incident began Saturday morning at 7:20 a.m. at Lowe’s. The Sheriff’s Department got a call to be on the look out for a shoplifting suspect who had exited the store. The department located the black Chrysler in question as it turned into the Pavilion shopping center. As the Chrysler entered the center, it failed to use a traffic signal and the deputy tried to administer a traffic stop.

Babb said the suspect’s vehicle went through the five stop signs and turned right on Hwy. 314. The vehicle then turned left on Hwy. 279, where it struck a vehicle coming out of its driveway.

The Chrysler also struck a Kia Optima, and nearly hit the deputy’s car head on, before it glanced the police car.

After the hit on the police car, the driver and passenger fled the vehicle and tried to escape through the woods.

The suspects were captured and officials discovered there were active warrants out for both of them, including auto theft and larceny.