by John Dufresne

Special to Fayette Newspapers


A former employee claims the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority has been deceptive and misleading in their attempt to compel her to talk with them, and says they have threatened to withhold her scheduled severance payment if she does not comply with their demand.

The acting WASA finance manager Bo Davis of Integrated Science & Engineering made the threat to former employee Lynda Price in an email thread. ISE is the contractor WASA hired in August 2018 for $287,000 per year to manage WASA. Price was fired in September 2018.

On January 25, 2019, Davis wrote to Price, “We only need an hour of your time to help us with several issues that have come up since your departure. Part of the Authority’s agreement with you is that you would make yourself available upon request to assist in such matters.” 

He goes on to write, “Please give us the times that you can do this next week so that we can coordinate schedules. The next installment payment due under the terms of your separation agreement will be provided when you come to ISE at our agreed time.”

That was Davis’ response after Price wrote him on January 24 that she was out of town helping her mother with her cancer treatment.

Price replied to Davis January 30, “My agreement was not to come to ISE, but to make myself available. You need to schedule the conference call or skype.”

On January 31, Davis wrote to Price, “Your agreement goes beyond an obligation to make yourself available by telephone. We need to meet with you in person.”  

He further wrote, “It should be a private location without distractions. You should set aside two hours, although we hope not to take that long. You will receive any outstanding payments due under the separation agreement at that time.”

Price said her previous payments had been mailed to her, and there isn’t a condition in her agreement that allows WASA to withhold payment.

WASA’s request for Price to talk began January 17, 2019. Davis wrote, “We are trying to put some stuff together and would like to ask you a few questions about how you were doing things before. Shouldn’t take but about 15 minutes or so.” 

He said they could meet at a place of her convenience.

Price replied asking what information they needed, and Davis responded January 20, “We would just like to get some answers on records, filings, and processes that were used before.”  

He reiterated a meeting place of her convenience or Starbucks.

As of February 8, Price had not received her payment for the pay period ending January 25. Davis told her that the check would not be ready for her to pick up February 8.

Davis didn’t respond when asked for comment.


Ed. Note: John Dufresne was on the WASA board from January 2014 until removed in July 2018.