Is Peachtree City ready for more boats on Lake Peachtree?

That’s the issue up for discussion Thursday night at the City Council meeting.

Robert Rothley of Lifestyle Leisure products will make his pitch for a new business on the lake. In a Facebook post, Rothley outlined his vision.

“We (Leisure Lifestyle Products) are presenting a proposal to offer paddle boats, stand up paddle boards, small fishing boats, and kayak rentals near PTC City Hall on Lake Peachtree. This proposal will provide a modular dock infrastructure and aquatic activity center with initial investment paid for by us, with incremental revenue to the Peachtree City in the form of a City Use Fees with our rentals to provide our citizens with a great place to rent the most innovative watercraft on Lake Peachtree,” Rothley said.

He said an Aquatic Activity Center will provide a home for city entrepreneurs to offer on-water services to citizens, such as yoga, standup paddle board lessons, kayak lessons. and group activities for the community. 

“Our company, Leisure Lifestyle Products has been selling watercraft across the country and around the globe to rental operators, and it is time we serve our community here in PTC with the opportunity to rent boats and use on our incredible Lake Peachtree,” he said.

Rothley said he has lived in the city for 24 years and he “hopes to earn the right to offer a wonderful aquatic experience for our citizens and guests, and create a new thriving business for our community.”