Surveillance footage shows the suspects in a carjacking in Peachtree City Sunday night. The suspects arrived in a truck, abandoning in and fleeing in a stolen BMW.

The quiet of the bubble was shattered on a warm Sunday spring night after a Peachtree City teenager suffered the trauma of being carjacked.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesperson Matt Myers said the incident started at 8:19 p.m. May 19 when the teenager rolled up to an ATM machine in a white BMW at the SunTrust bank in the Wilshire Pavilion Shopping Center in south Peachtree City.

Myers said the teenager was immediately accosted by a black male with a gun who told him to leave the keys in the car.

The gun-toting suspect, along with two other black males, jumped into the BMW, abandoning a truck they had arrived in, and headed down Ga. Highway 74.

Myers said contact was made with the vehicle near the 74/54 intersection by a Peachtree City policeman and a Fayette Marshal. A chase ensued into Coweta County, but the Fayetteville officers backed off because of the speed involved.

The car was then seen in Coweta County, where officers started a chase but backed off due to speed.

The car was found abandoned Monday morning in Palmetto, and Myers said the investigation is ongoing.