The Peachtree City Council Thursday night dramatically cut back on a request for proposal for solid waste removal.

Instead of a lengthy proposal featuring everything from yard waste removal to mulch removing from the mulch center on Rockaway Road, the city will now just send out a proposal that calls for weekly garbage pick-up and bi-weekly recycling pick-ups. The city also removed mandatory participation in the program, but that comes with a caveat.

“If we decide to go to a single-provider, residents would have to use that service or haul their own trash off,” said City Manager Jon Rorie.

The initial, more comprehensive proposal set off a firestorm on social media decrying the lack of choice and the government creating a monopoly.

“I come down on the side of competition,” said Paul Massey.

City officials have maintained the proposal would cut down on the city’s roads being torn up by numerous waste trucks. Rorie said one garbage truck has the same impact on the city’s roads as 7,000 vehicles. Currently, the city contracts with three waste providers.

In the presentation, city officials said 92 percent of surveyed municipalities had one provider. Only Peachtree City and Milton had multiple providers.

The city expects to get proposals back in April, and then make a decision. The decision could include everything from staying the same to creating some sort of hybrid pick-up system.

“Ultimately, you’ve got to figure out how to pay for trash services and fixing the roads from wear and tear,” Rorie said.