Fearing it will do little to alleviate the city’s growing congestion concerns, the Peachtree City Council voted Thursday night to formally oppose plans to extend TDK Boulevard into Coweta County.

The proposed TDK Blvd. extension is part of the Fayette County Comprehensive Transportation Plan as a means to increase east-west connectivity with Coweta County. Peachtree City wants it to be removed from the plan.

City Manager Jon Rorie believes that, through traffic studies and evaluation of the 54 East corridor, extending TDK would not help ease the massive congestion at 74 and 54.
“It brings us all the way back to one simple fact: 36,000 vehicles per day at the 54-74 intersection,” said Rorie. “It is the belief or opinion of many that the TDK Boulevard extension would simply move one problem to another area.”

Instead, Council is asking that Peachtree City and Fayette County, both members of the Atlanta Regional Commission, meet with Coweta County, part of the Three Rivers Planning Commission, to come to an agreement on an alternate east-west connection between the neighboring counties.