Peachtree City Police have arrested a man they say is a golf cart repair man who has been stealing golf carts and, in at least one case, illegally making himself at home in someone else’s home.
Kenneth B. Owens, Jr., 30, a resident in the Ridgelake apartment complex off Flat Creek Road near the Hwy. 54 intersection, was arrested Monday on burglary and theft charges, as well as drugs and financial identity fraud charges.
According to Investigator Ryan MacCallum, his department was alerted Sunday night to a report of a stolen golf cart, and as officers began an initial investigation they received a second call about another golf cart. One witness reportedly saw a suspect drive a golf cart on a cart path and then a little while later saw the same suspect driving a different golf cart in the opposite direction on that same path.
MacCallum says that first golf cart was found broken down and abandoned, and he says the second one, which had also been reported stolen, was found outside Owens’ apartment.
As well, a neighbor of Owens called 911 to report that Owens had burglarized his home while he was away for several days. The victim reportedly told police he had left his door unlocked so Owens could help himself to the apartment’s Internet service, but he was not given permission to stay in the apartment. MacCallum says there was not only ample evidence that Owens had made himself at home in the victim’s apartment, but that he also used the victim’s credit cards to buy food and alcoholic beverages, and he drove the victim’s car without permission.
Probably the most convincing bit of burglary evidence, according to MacCallum, was that when police showed back up to the apartment complex to execute arrest warrants on Owens, they actually found Owens asleep inside the victim’s apartment.
Furthermore, MacCallum says the victim went to the golf cart shop where Owens is employed to retrieve the golf cart Owens had allegedly been repairing for him, and that golf cart was not located.
MacCallum says more charges may be filed in the case pending the results of further investigation.