The Peachtree City Council may soon have a town hall-style meeting to consider uses of the city’s famous path system.

City Manager Jon Rorie said the city nows prefer referring to the paths as multi-use, since not just golf carts use the system. The main users are cart drivers, walkers, and cyclists, but a new technology is now showing up on the paths: Electric scooters.

Rorie said other cities are considering banning them altogether, such as Nashville, but he’s already seen some of the scooters on the paths.

“It’s happening now, and it’s a violation,” he said.

Another issue involving the paths is liability insurance.

“Everybody says it’s kids driving too fast, but don’t get in front of a golfer headed to Planterra,” Rorie added.

He said at some point the city should engage the community in such issues, so everyone could offer input into any proposal.