The Peachtree City Council voted Tuesday night to move forward with specifications for a fire truck and an ambulance that potentially will be housed in a new fire station located off MacDuff Parkway.

The approval was part of a much larger discussion involving the building of a new station to deal with the increasing population on the city’s west side.

City Manager Jon Rorie explained the city collects approximately $4,000 for every new home built in the city, and a portion of those funds can be used for public safety to accommodate the new growth.

Building a fire station creates a unique situation, Rorie said.

“All of our zoning categories allow a public building, but a fire station is often looked at as a LULU,” he said. 

He explained the term refers to Locally Unwanted Land Use.

“Nobody wants a fire station near them with all the noise,” Rorie explained.

When time comes to build the station, Rorie said design will be key. By adding some elements to the station, such as a community room, the station could be more integrated into the community.

The city is currently looking at locations on the south side of MacDuff Parkway, but the station would probably not be finished until the next decade with an estimated cost of up to $2 million.

Rorie also pointed out that 77 percent of the calls responded to by the city’s fire department are medical, so that would also figure into the design of the station.