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PTC Little League team honored by community

September 4, 2018-Peachtree City, Georgia-Peachtree City and Fayette County turn out in force to recognize and honor the recent accomplishments of the Peachtree City Little League team at the 2018 Little League World Series. A number of people, including Peachtree City Mayor, Vanessa Fleisch, spoke of the team's accomplishments.
Tuesday night, the boys from Peachtree City were honored with a celebration of their tremendous run at the Little League World Series. (Photo by Michael Clifton / www.kombatkamera.com)

The red carpet was rolled out for the Peachtree American Little League baseball team on Tuesday night.

After a month-long odyssey in Williamsport, PA, the Peachtree City squad returned to a homecoming fit for champions. It was a star-studded event adorned with family, friends, and community members joining to celebrate their young heroes.

“It is pretty neat for everyone to come out, cheer on the kids, and welcome them,” Peachtree City manager Patrick Gloriod said.

Peachtree City went 4-3 at the Little League World Series. They made the U.S. Championship Game and also set the record for most innings played. Along the way, they became the first Georgia team since 2011 to win the Southeast Regional title.

“It’s crazy that everyone is here supporting us,” Chase Fralick said. “It feels really good to get back home and sleep in your own bed.”

Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch welcomed everyone to Drake Field as a jet flyover thrilled the players. Fleisch read official declarations from politicians and presented a new banner that will honor the team on Highway 54.

A massive crowd turned out to Peachtree City’s Drake Field Tuesday night to celebrate their Little League World Series heroes.

There were also a few surprises as well. The Atlanta Braves made a special appearance and announced that the team will be honored at SunTrust Park on September 14. The invitation includes a chance to watch batting practice, meet select Braves players, and be highlighted during the game.

The parents also received a sizable donation from a T-Shirt fundraiser run by All Star Baseball and Softball, Johnny’s Pizza, Mike and C’s, and Uniforms For America. The gesture was an appreciation for all the support provided in getting their kids through the tournament.

“We are donating to the families of Peachtree City $13,100,” All Star Baseball and Softball owner John Powers said.

After the ceremony, the players signed autographs and took pictures with the community. Local establishments like Jimmy Johns, SmallCakes, and Planet Smoothie provided free snacks for everyone.

The event lasted until 8 p.m. as fans continued to pile in to catch a glimpse of the team. Each person had a smile as they enjoyed being around the squad that went all the way.

“The way they represented Peachtree City, what more can we ask for as residents,” Jonathan Fralick said. “When this is over, people will remember how the kids acted.”