PTC golf cart scavenger hunt brings fun to the paths
Team Candy Corn members (L to R) Nancy Olvera, Cindy Rogers, Kathy Workman, and Lauralyn Preble placed third in the golf cart scavenger hunt.

PTC golf cart scavenger hunt brings fun to the paths

On Saturday, Nov. 7, residents of Peachtree City participated in a golf cart scavenger hunt organized and hosted by Eric Imker, a resident who wanted families to get out and enjoy a fun event while visiting some of the city’s sites.

Nearly 40 teams on golf carts met at Drake Field next to the city library at noon to begin their trek. They were given two hours to complete the course which included hunting for 10 secret locations within the city.

Each team was given a clue list for the 10 locations. They had to figure out where the clues would take them as well as the best route to take in order to minimize time. At each clue location they were met by a volunteer who gave them a unique token for that location to prove they actually went there. After collecting all 10 tokens the teams completed the course by getting back to Drake Field and ringing a bell. 

There was a total of 400 in prizes awarded, with 1st place taking home $100. 

The first-place team was “Wayward Wilfongs,” with team captain Terry Wilfong.

Second place went to “The Mauraders,” with team captain Vanessa Blake.

Third place went to “Candy Corn,” with team captain Kathy Workman.

The Wayward Wilfongs completed the course in an astonishing 64 minutes. Most teams came in between 75 and 100 minutes. Several teams had to abandon their trek as their cart ran out of juice. However, everyone said they had a good time whether they finished or not. Everyone also said they’d like to see this as an annual event.

Imker especially wants to thank the 12 volunteers who were stationed at the 10 secret locations. Without them the hunt would have not been possible.

Young members of Team Magic had a blast at the hunt.