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PTC Council reconsiders multi-family homes ban

The City Council of Peachtree City approved a motion that could lead to a temporary lift of the moratorium on multi-family homes on Thursday. 

The decision follows a request from Chadwick Homes to lift the ban for a rezoning application on property located near Lake McIntosh and Industrial Park. The plan is to potentially build condominiums for citizens.  

City Council insists that lifting the moratorium only applies to this particular proposal requested by Chadwick Homes. 

“We aren’t approving anything tonight,” City Councilman Mike King said. “We are just letting staff and the Chadwick Home folks go through this process. “

Fellow City Council member Terry Ernst agreed. However, he had reservations that the lift would open the floodgates in the future.

“Just to be 100 percent clear, this does not open the flood gates?,” Ernst asked. “This is only for one-piece property?” 

The other Council members soothed his reservations. They decided to let Chadwick Homes go through the process for rezoning and gave them a six-month window. 

Chadwick Homes representative Jerry Peterson was relieved with the news. He outlined the plans and was glad to get started with the rezoning application. 

The decision was also heard with a public hearing. A couple residents had concerns for in the future with the location. Peterson sought to ease some of the contentions. 

“All of the property around this area is open space,” Peterson said. “This property is still industrial in land use and zoning. The views from the property are tremendous, and the golf course is beautiful, and we think it is too nice to put an industrial building on this site.”