A representative from an events company got a cool reception from the Peachtree City Council at its April 18 meeting.

Brian Lilley of B. Lilley Productions pitched the idea of conducting an air show at Falcon Field and told the City Council his company has expertise in producing events.

Lilley said the company has been producing air shows since 2007. The company is getting ready to produce its 35th air show and has had more than 2 million people attend the shows.

He said advantages of an air show in a community is that it is a family-friendly event and has a large economic impact on the community.

Lilley said the city would be responsible for services outside the airport, while the company would be responsible for all costs inside the airport.

City Manager Jon Rorie said the city’s costs for the 2014 air show was right at $40,000.

“I do like the idea of an air show. It draws the community together,” said Councilman Phil Prebor.

Councilman Terry Ernst was concerned about the number of public service officers involved, while Councilman Mike King voiced concern about parking facilities.

Lilley said his company’s parking management company would be involved early on in the process to address parking concerns.

“Our concern is a for-profit and the city using city funds for the outside police and fire,” said Mayor Vanessa Fleisch.

Rorie said using public funds for a for profit company could “take us backwards.”

The city agreed to let the company continue talks with the Airport Authority, but to keep the city’s concerns in mind.