Peachtree City’s City Manager, Jon Rorie, aimed to clear up confusion regarding the procedure for discussing the proposed $80 million Calistoa mixed-use project by Lake McIntosh.

Rorie said that what had been misconstrued as lifting a moratorium on all multi-family housing was actually a matter of procedural due process afforded to all applicants seeking a rezoning for multi-family projects.

“For the sake of clarity, there is not, nor has there ever been a moratorium on multi-family, to include town homes, apartments, condos, etc.,” said Rorie.

The moratorium in place is on rezoning requests, not on multi-family housing itself. The applicants behind the project would require a rezoning to multi-family for their project, but they cannot apply for a rezoning with the moratorium in place.

Lifting it means nothing for the eventual ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ vote on the project, if it ever gets to that point. Thursday’s vote was a matter of simple procedure.

“Lifting the moratorium is site-specific, it doesn’t apply city-wide, and is an administrative act that the council is compelled to do,” said Rorie. “It in no way implies that property will ultimately be rezoned.”

City Attorney Ted Meeker noted that he was not aware of the city denying any previous rezoning moratorium requests, and he also could not remember a rezoning approved after a moratorium lift in the last decade.