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PTC budget talks begin Thursday

The Peachtree City Council will meet Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. to take a preliminary look at the budget for the next fiscal year.

In retreat meetings earlier this year, City Manager Jon Rorie said the city needs to start figuring out its future as it heads into budget season.

Rorie said the city is nearing buildout and will face critical questions on how or whether the city should redevelop older areas of the city.

“We do not want of over-saturation of retail. In order for more office space, we need more people,” he said.

Rorie said he had told the City Council four years ago that mixed-use developments would be more attractive.

“Here it is. It’s coming. You could see the writing on the wall,” he added.

He added the last thing he wants to see occur in the city is sprawl, which just increases infrastructure costs.

One of the other issues the city needs to examine is housing affordability.

“$30,000 a year employees can’t afford to live here,” he said.

He said the city’s goal has always been to attract big corporations, but it would take a $60 million dollar project every year to come to Peachtree City to break even on what the city offers in industrial incentives and monies given to the Fayetteville County Development Authority.

Rorie asked the council earlier this year to consider priorities and how the city should develop during the budget process.



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