The Peachtree City Council got its first glance at the upcoming budget for 2020, which City Manager Jon Rorie pegged at just over $39 million.

“This is the best financial position we’ve been in since I’ve been city manager Rorie,” said.

The city projects just over $38 million in revenue, but that could change based on the final tax digest from the county. If the projected revenues are correct, Rorie said the city will use money from its reserve fund to balance the budget.

Rorie explained that 58 percent of the budget covers personnel costs, and one of the biggest discussions Thursday night concerned the city’s budget to send to the county for economic development. The line item is $146,000, but some on the City Council supported slashing it by 50 percent.

In the end, the City Council agreed to cut the requisition by $20,000 as a “warning shot” to the authority. Mayor Vanessa Fleisch said the city could use the money as “seed money” for economic development in the city.

The budget does include more than $500,000 for cost of living adjustments and merit raises. Rorie projected the millage rate as 6.232, which is a reduction of .176 since bond has been paid off this year.

The city will next discuss the budget July 18.