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PTC approves townhomes near MacDuff Parkway

The City Council of Peachtree City approved a rezoning amendment to the West Village neighborhood adjacent to MacDuff Parkway at Thursday’s meeting.

The original plan, rezoned in 2007, is transitioning a small-scale retail agreement into 42 new townhomes. Under the new amendment, the rezoning is changing to LUR-15 in the Everton Phase 8 project.

“We do feel like the townhomes are more viable in this particular area than the retail since this plan was approved in 2007,” FieldStone Realty Partners representative Dan Fields said.

Fields spoke on behalf of Pulte Homes and promise a focus on tending to new parks and sidewalks, alley design, architectural, and landscaping requirements.
Some residents were skeptical of the revised plan. Everton resident Dave Molton questioned how amenities would be effected by the changes.

“What concerns our neighborhood in Parkside and Creekside is adding 42 more residences will put a strain on the amenities that we had planned for a certain amount of households,” Molton said.

Fields assured him that the developers will look to resize the amenities like the pools and tennis courts.

“We will take a look at the amenities and see if we need to resize them to accommodate the 42 units,” Fields said.

Other residents had concerns over the access to MacDuff Parkway. They wondered whether the community will have to endure long wait times and traffic for routine activities.

“Putting 40 more townhomes in an area that is already becoming overburdened with traffic without any improvements to MacDuff Parkway makes absolutely no sense to me,” Cresswind resident Mel Lavine said.

City Manager Jon Rorie sought to put those concerns to ease. He said it is all about looking into the future and balancing objectives. He plans to ease traffic times by repaving the road on MacDuff.

“The condition of MacDuff Parkway as you see it today is by design,” City Manager Jon Rorie said. “The choice was made to not repave that road until most of the big trucks to develop Everton and Cresswind were done.”