One of Peachtree City’s longest standing shopping centers will be getting what owners say are much-needed repairs following Thursday night’s city council meeting.
The owners of the Westpark Walk retail center asked the council to reverse a ruling by the Peachtree City Planning Commission that denied their request to replace the roof with architectural-grade asphalt shingles.
Rick Lindsey, speaking on behalf of the owners, laid out that the roof was in dire need of repair.
“It’s failing,” said Lindsey, noting that the roof is seeing increasing water leaks in numerous spots around the center.
Lindsey lauded the owners of the center as good corporate citizens who have owned the buildings since the early 1990s. About three years ago, they poured more than $1 million into a substantial remodeling of Westpark Walk, and the roughly 30-year-old roof is next up for repair. The roofing material is currently standing-seam metal which would not currently meet building code, and replacing it with approved metal would be too cost-prohibitive. Lindsey assured council that the owners are committed to working with the city to come to a mutually-acceptable design for a new asphalt shingle roof.
“We want to make this a win-win for Peachtree City and the center,” said Lindsey.
City attorney Ted Meeker noted that nothing in the city’s ordinances would’ve justified declining the request. Meeker added that preferred materials are referenced pertaining to exterior building materials, but not in regards to roofing.
The request would be approved 4-0, council member Terry Ernst absent.
“We’re at the point now where we need to reverse this thing and move on,” said council member Mike King. “We’ve wasted enough time and had tenants subjected to leaky roofs for an inordinate amount of time. Let’s get this behind us.”
Council also approved the 2016 millage rates. The Bond millage rate will be set at 0.309, down from 0.314, and the Maintenance and Operation millage rate will be set at 6.756 mills, same as last year. The millage rates were required to be advertised as a tax increase because of an increase in home values this year. On a $275,000 home, the increase will result in paying roughly $33 more per year. The newly-approved millage rates will generate a total of $13,992,915 in tax revenue.