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PTC approves bowling center


The Peachtree City Planning and Zoning Commission signed off a conceptual site plan for a “Family Entertainment Center” complete with bowling, an indoor arcade, and a sports restaurant that is expected to be located in The Exchange Industrial subdivision at the intersection of Highway 74 and TDK Boulevard.

But for a few added conditions, the plan was approved without much discussion at Thursday night’s meeting. The Planning Commission discussed it more extensively at its July 21 meeting, but in that case few objections were raised besides a concern that the area was not readily accessible for golf carts.

The proposed center sits on a four acre tract off of Widget Drive in what is otherwise an industrial area. According to Senior Planner David Rast’s memo to the Planning Commission, the “heavily wooded site would be cleared and graded to accommodate the proposed 42,000 SF [square foot] building, 178 parking spaces, and internal drives.”

The applicant, Robert Matheson, told the Commission in July that he “would love” for the site to have better cart accessibility. Some possible future additions to the city’s cart network that might enhance accessibility were discussed, but those developments would be out of Matheson’s control and he said he was “willing to invest without that access and hoped it would be available one day,” according to minutes from the meeting.

Matheson explained that the development would be split roughly evenly three ways between bowling, arcade games/parties, and dining. He noted, however, that dining would likely be especially emphasized as it fit a market need in the area.

Matheson also said that the facility would likely be open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., “depending on what the community demanded,” according to the meeting minutes.