It started last October, but on March 5, the Peachtree City Council provided more information on redevelopment efforts in the city in a presentation on redevelopment.

City Manager Jon Rorie said one of the items citizens were concerned about during the comprehensive plan public input was a lack of a central gathering space. He said the city is now 60 years old, and it’s time to focus on the potential of redevelopment.

One of the areas ripe for a makeover that has already gone to the Planning Commission is the Aberdeen Village Shopping Center. The redeveloped area could evolve into a mixed-use center with up to 200 housing units, such as apartments or townhomes, and 5,000 sq.ft. of retail.

Tying into the issue of a city center, the current city hall and nearby environs could also be redeveloped to give the area more of a downtown feel. Planning Director Robin Callioux said a grid pattern would help create a walkable feel.

“A lot of this is going to have to be done by private property owners. This is not something where the city is going to come in and condemn property,” she added.

The mixed-use concept would follow a trend already established in Senoia and Fayetteville, while Tyrone also has a mixed-use development in the planning process.

A conceptual drawing shows the vision for a walkable city center in Peachtree City.