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April Fool’s: Protesting Prince ‘Purple Madness’ performance

A night of funky rock and roll or an invitation to moral corruption?

On August 17, Fayetteville’s Southern Ground Amphitheater is set to play host to “Purple Madness,” a Prince tribute band that the Fayette County Republican Party fears could help lead the country on a path of destruction.

Rogers Nelson with the Fayette County Republican Party fears that purple, a color commonly known as a subliminal messaging weapon of the mainstream media, belongs far from the bright spotlight of our local performance venues. The combination of a lacy purple blouse and a searing guitar solo will have Fayette Countians powerless to keep from gyrating in the aisles, a common symptom of purple madness.

“It’s simply not safe to party like it’s ‘1999.’ That was a year of great corruption in our country’s highest office,” Nelson said. “And a ‘Purple Rain’ would be far more corrosive to our morals than the progressives would lead you to believe acid rain is to our earth.”

Nelson calls for Republicans, conservatives, and Christians to join the Fayette County Republican Party in making a stand and rejecting the “purple madness.”

“Our community would be much safer with the music of a Moody Blues, a Red Hot Chili Peppers, a Green Day, or a Black Sabbath,” he said.

Leonard Presberg, Chair of the Fayette County Democratic Committee, disagreed with the doom-and-gloom fears of a Prince-themed concert.

“I think it’s good fun,” he said. “But, frankly, I would’ve preferred ‘Tie-Dyed Terror.’”