This home on North Jeff Davis Drive in Fayetteville could soon become a bed and breakfast.

If Thursday night’s City Council meeting is any indication, Fayetteville will soon be getting a bed and breakfast on North Jeff Davis Drive.

Alfred Dingler, with Prime Bridal & Events and other area businesses, is making the rezoning request to turn a home into a bed and breakfast. The first hearing for his request came at Thursday’s meeting.

Currently, the building is zoned Single Family Residential, and the request is for it to be rezoned to Office-Institutional (OI) to allow for the bed and breakfast. The home would be converted in a six-bedroom, six-bathroom bed and breakfast, and the current garage structure would be turned into a breakfast and social area.

This would mark the fourth downtown project for Dingler and his team.

“We know what to do to make it look good,” he said. “We’re ready to get to work on this project.”

Resident Brett Nolan agreed that it would make for a great addition to the city.

“When you talk about exciting developments in Fayetteville, this is an exciting development,” said Nolan. “I’ve seen the applicant’s other projects, and he does a great job of maintaining the historical aspects of his properties.

“This is a home run for the city.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission discussed the proposal at their August 22 meeting and recommended approval of the rezoning with a few small conditions, including that a five-foot wide sidewalk be installed in front of the building.

City staff also recommends approval of the rezoning, and it is set to be voted on at the next city council meeting.