Primary night is in the books, and the field is set locally for the November general election.

The District 3 seat on the County Board of Commissioners currently held by Steve Brown, who is not running for re-election, will go to Edward “Edge” Gibbons. Gibbons garnered 50.2 percent of the vote over Eric Imker (31.26) and Don Haddix (18.54), just enough to avoid a runoff. He will not face a challenger in November.

The Board of Education District 2 seat currently held by Diane Basham has its November field set. On the Republican side, former Whitewater and Sandy Creek Principal Roy Rabold won over Traci Fuller with 61.44 percent. Sara Van Etten ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

Four seats saw no opposition in the primary and will face none in the November election. Charles Rousseau will retain his District 4 seat on the County Board of Commissioners, Leonard Presberg keeps his District 4 seat on the Board of Education, State Court Judge Jason B. Thompson will be unopposed in his reelection bid, and Travis Hardy will be unopposed for Soil and Water District Supervisor.