Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

Poor Nancy. Poor, poor Nancy. I never, ever believed that I would feel such sadness, such real sorrow for a woman who I have believed had for years been on the wrong path, heading in the wrong direction. No, not just wrong, but in an unconscionable direction, as she led her team of like-minded congressmen and congresswomen (brief nod to the #MeToo movement). The party which she leads and has led for many, many, too many year’s — embraces values unlike those my family holds.
While I do not agree with either party’s every plank, I do believe in the right to life as is defined by the observance of the heartbeat of an infant in the womb and am completely against a Pro Choice plan to abort a child appallingly even into the ninth month. I do believe in religious freedom — my right to worship the one God of this Universe (and where and when I please); to “Love Him and my neighbor as myself” — as long as I do not interfere with another’s similar freedoms, and, also, I do believe in State’s Rights.
Poor Nancy. She seemed unable to find her words during interviews on Friday. I perfectly understand that problem. I finally have begun to tell my friends, family or whomever I am speaking to, that my age has played havoc with my vocabulary, and my memory just is not at all what it used to be! I believe Ms. Pelosi is 79, older than I (but not by many years, so I know a thing or two about what she is facing). I have recently dropped out of a few groups that I loved being part of but sadly, that I was no longer able to give 100 percent. Who am I kidding; I couldn’t even give 50 percent.
I love being a docent alongside Bill at the History Museum in Senoia; to participate in not one, but two monthly book clubs (Wonderful ! Stimulating!); continuing to show up at my Writer’s Guild meetings and to work on my columns as well as short stories. Other people in those groups are very kind to me; pretending I’m not 20 or 30 years older than they are while offering me rides to and from the meetings; even helping me with my bags of books and paraphernalia, helping me down stairs, opening doors. Good Golly. I think I am being treated like my Grandmother!!
I believe that perhaps Nancy should be accorded that kind of helpful treatment also. I noticed yesterday that poor Nancy’s lipstick was applied in a very awkward manner; the color was applied in a single line way up over her top lip, hardly attractive. Either she did it herself (hands a bit shaky?) and was having trouble with her eyes (as do I often, or perhaps a new makeup artist was on the loose behind the scenes in the Capital “powder rooms”).
How very sad. I am completely serious when I tell you that I felt tears collecting in my eyes as Nancy told the media how sincerely “proud” she was of Chuck Schumer for all his “hard work,” while she was engaged in serious mandibular activity as she spoke. Have you noticed how she wobbles her jaw lately? Disconcerting. Bill and I agreed that we had not really seen much evidence of the hard work she described in this Congress lately. It seems to be at a standstill; and now that Mr. Robert Mueller has finished his all-important “Report,” and now that AG Bill Barr has kindly put out a four-point summary of the most important findings, we are gearing up for more angry speech and more ridiculous demands.
As slow as our brains work these days, it did not take twice (not hundreds of times!) for us to understand that the entire report, with no redactions, could not be given to either the President or to the Congress because the LAW does not allow for sensitive security issues nor people’s names in certain situations to be made public. Is that hard to grasp? Do any of you find any reason why Miss Nancy or Chuck cannot for the life of them understand that? and why do they then keep yammering for the Immediate Release of the Mueller Report! Hold on to your horses. As we older folks know, mid-April is just around the corner. Take a vacation, ya’ll. Rest your vocal chords. Relax in the lunchrooms on Capitol Hill.
Actually, maybe not the best idea. This is probably the only area where bipartisan agreement exists. Republicans and Democrats alike are disappointed and complaining loudly about recent changes there. I noticed in a recent photo that our august lawmakers were eating out of Styrofoam containers. Bad photo op for those signing up for the Green New Deal! Not Good.
Bill and I will not claim to be great champions of political parties or of single candidates, nor do we dig deep in our money pot to line the coffers of these folks, no matter how genuine or well-suited for the job they are “running” for. We do try to look at all sides of an issue, to look at all types of reporting on the major questions and decisions that today’s lawmakers/ politicians must deal with, but we are also very aware that all reporting is not without bias, that reporters are in some ways less than conscientious, their news more skewed toward an obvious predisposition. Really Bad Idea.
Check out a new site at #WalkAway; their aim is “debunking media lies and myths. Teaching others that there is a media pushing the narrative, that there is bigotry…and many who have already decided you are guilty, who have already come to a conclusion and will then simply go out looking for examples to support or feed that conclusion. Not Fair!
Think and act for yourself. Look at both sides carefully. Chose the best from each. I wish it was that simple. Like a box of Whitman’s Chocolate. I wish.