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Police search for woman accused of area child abduction attempts

A sketch provided by the GBI shows a woman wanted in connection with multiple child abduction attempts.

PTC Police say local encounter not related to suspect

Several area police agencies are on the lookout for a woman suspected of multiple child abduction attempts. While stories making the rounds online suggest she has worked her way to Fayette County, Peachtree City Police say there is no indication she has done so yet.

The first incidents took place in different spots in Spalding County.

“One instance that we have, she approached a mother at a house and told her this is her 24-hour notice that in the next 24 hours DFACs would be coming to take her kids from the home,” Spalding County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Hightower told CBS46. “While she is conversating with the mother, she tried to reach down and pick the child up. The mother slapped her hands away when that occurred. The female got into a van and left the scene.”

Last Wednesday, the same woman approached unattended children in Orchard Park and was walking away with a young boy promising to show him puppies when a bystander intervened. The suspect tried to hit the bystander before fleeing.

The suspect is described as roughly 5’8”, with a slim build, shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and acne-like scaring on her cheeks. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released a sketch depicting the suspect.

She has been seen driving and getting out of a white van.

“One is a white Chevy Astro van. One is a 90s model Ford Aerostar van. Neither of them have a tag that was able to be provided,” said Hightower.

While there have been community discussions online speculating that the woman could now be in Fayette, Peachtree City Police say a local incident in question is not related to those in Spalding.

In one post on Facebook, a local mom recounted an encounter between her 15-year-old daughter and a stranger. Over the weekend, the poster’s daughter and her friends were driving their golf cart near Oak Grove Elementary when they met a woman crying and asking them to stop. The woman asked for help with a ride, but they found her to be suspicious and refused.

“I showed them the (sketch) of the woman from Spalding County wanted for questioning for child abduction. They said it was absolutely her,” said the post.
The Peachtree City Police did investigate the incident, but they do not believe it is related to the Spalding County cases.

“Nothing reported in the Peachtree City encounter indicates any attempt to commit a crime, and the reported behavior by this female is not consistent with previous activities relating to the female from the Spalding County report,” said a release from the Peachtree City Police.

The Police Department reminds all residents to remain aware of any suspicious activity and contact law enforcement immediately with any concerns.