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Police release dash cam video from chase

Peachtree City police have released some of the dashcam video from March 31 a midday pursuit in which a man led police on a harrowing chase through the city in which he nearly hit roadside construction workers, according to police.

Darryl Lambert, 54, of College Park faces multiple charges in the incident. Police noted Lambert had “an extensive driving history in similar offenses and an extensive criminal history. He had just recently been released from jail and in fact had been in another pursuit in a nearby jurisdiction within the past two weeks.”

The chase began on March 31 around 3 p.m. when a Peachtree City motorcycle officer attempted a traffic stop at the intersection of Highway 74 South and Crosstown Drive.

According to a report, Lambert fled the attempted stop, continuing to the parking lot of Home Plate on TDK Boulevard, where the passenger of the car fled from the moving vehicle as the driver continued “driving recklessly, endangering nearby construction workers.

Officers were able to use “Stop Sticks” to disable the vehicles’ tires, but as the video shows Lambert continued to flee, “driving at speeds over 80 mph on the shoulder of the road, even after his tires were disabled and disintegrating,” according to police.

The video shows the driver struggling to control the vehicle as he passed both pedestrians and at least one golf cart traveling the other direction along the nearby path.

Police attempted to slow Lambert down by “boxing in” around Highway 74 and Kelly Drive as he had been “swerving in and out of traffic.” He intentionally struck on patrol vehicle and continued fleeing, according to police, traveling on Hip Pocket Road toward Willowbend Road on “only bare rimes as his tires had completely disintegrated.”

A pursuing officer made the decision to strike the vehicle, hoping to remove it from the roadway as safely as possible. The report notes this decision was made “due to the lack of regard for human life,” that Lambert showed.

The officer successfully struck and incapacitated the car around Hip Pocket and Willowbend Road, where police say Lambert had slowed to under 25 mph.

Lambert is being held on a $450,000 bond and faces the following charges, according to police:

Fleeing and Attempt to Elude (felony)

Fleeing and Attempt to Elude (misdemeanor)

Aggravated Assaulted on Law Enforcement Officer

Reckless Driving

Hit & Run

Suspended License

3 counts Speeding (30+ over)

Failure to Maintain Lane

2 counts of Passing on Right

Driving on Wrong Side of Roadway

3 Stop Sign Violations

5 Improper Turn or Lane Change

Disregard Traffic Control Device

1 count Driving Through A Gore

Seat Belt Violation

Littering on Highway


Police video from the chase can be seen on the Peachtree City Police Department’s Facebook page.