By Leah Banks

PEACHTREE CITY — Peachtree City police have arrested a man accused of three counts of child molestation and three counts of sexual battery that apparently date back to 2015.

The alleged offender was identified as 79-year-old Erasmo Mares of Peachtree City, and the victim was living in the same household as Mares at the time of the assault, according to Peachtree City Police Spokesman Chris Hyatt.

According to Hyatt, the offenses happened in November of 2015 when the victim was allegedly assaulted by an older relative who was said to be living with her at the time.

“There was a juvenile victim that divulged some information to family members about some inappropriate contact with a step-relative of hers that occurred several years back,” Hyatt said.

Peachtree City Police conducted forensic interviews with the victim. According to the child welfare website, forensic interviewing is used to gather information from a victim or witness for legal use in a legal setting. It is most often used by Child Protective Services and is conducted by trained professionals, such as law enforcement.

“Forensic interviews were conducted and there was enough probable cause to for foundation of the charges that were taken,” Hyatt said. “The offender was a much older step-relative that used to reside with her several years back, but that is what led to those charges.”