pinewood-logoEngland-based Pinewood Studios announced this week that it is moving forward with the sale of its company to a broader group of investors, which would reportedly help put the company in a better cash position, which would in turn help Pinewood to grow in step with opportunities opening around the globe.

International news outlets have been reporting on this sale, but some reports have stirred confusion about the future of Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville. In short, nothing is changing locally.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville is jointly owned by the England-based Pinewood Studios and also by local investors, namely the Cathy Family of Chick-fil-A fame. Pinewood Forrest, the large “live-create-play” community to be built across the street from the studio campus, is owned by the Cathy Family.

According to Pinewood leaders in England, the studio company has for a long time been primarily owned by three investors, but they would like to place the company on the London Stock Exchange, which would generate more cash flow and many more stockholders.

Pinewood CEO Ivan Dunleavy said the company is seeing increased success in recent years and that he sees the process of selling to more investors as a strategic move to continue growing.