Pinewood Forrest has a vision for a bright future for the Fayetteville community powered by greener means. Friday morning, officials with the the 234-acre master-planned residential and mixed-use development across the road from Pinewood Atlanta Studios announced their intentions to build a cleaner and greener community.

“We’re going to save energy, and we’re going to make energy here,” said Rob Parker, President of Pinewood Forrest, calling it an “absolute commitment” to environmental sustainability. “We’re really focused on minimizing our environmental impact.”

Chief among their plans will be the use of alternative energy. All residences will be geothermal, something new in a development of this size.

“We believe that we will be the first all-geothermal community of our scale in the United States,” said Bill Lynch, project developer of Pinewood Forrest.

Geothermal will bring an estimated 40 to 70 percent in savings on heating and cooling a home. Using underground systems that transfer heat to and from the earth, you won’t see any heating or cooling units outside of the homes, also reducing noise pollution in the process.

Residences will be “smartly designed” and use smart technology on smaller footprints to use less resources. Impervious surfaces will be implemented wherever possible to help collect rainwater. Ground-source heat pumps, total zip sheathing insulation, and whole-house mechanical ventilation will be part of a plan to improve indoor air quality and reduce both energy and water consumption.

“We’re on a journey to something that we think is pretty remarkable,” said Parker. “The goal is what we call the journey to net zero and, ultimately, net positive. We would love to be able to put energy back in the grid.”

Even with a planned 1,300 residences, plenty of area is promised to stay green with a promise to dedicate 50 percent of the area to green space, according to Parker. Half of the homes will front a park, with all homes within one block of a park. There will be 15 miles of walking trails and 118 acres of public green space.

“We want to create an environment where people want to be outdoors,” he said.

It will be designed as a very walkable community.

“We are really focused on minimizing use of the automobile so that when you park your car you go down the lane and you go to your house and you don’t need it until you leave Pinewood Forrest,” said Parker.

Among a host of other announcements from Pinewood Forrest was the introduction of a partnership to build multifamily residences. Teaming up with Capstone Companies, Comer Companies, and Woodford Capital, Pinewood Forrest Multifamily Partners will develop the Village Square portion of the community.

The four-level buildings at the “urban core” will feature restaurants, retail, and other businesses on street level and residential apartments on the other floors. The first multifamily units are slated to be ready in 2019.

“The idea of building that urban center, that town center, absolutely appealed to us 100 percent. We said we are in,” said John Acken, executive vice president of Pinewood Forrest Multifamily Partners. “Dan (Cathy) challenged us, ‘I know you’ve built around the county. Make this the best you’ve ever built. Take it one step higher.'”

They are determined to make it a gathering point for Pinewood Forrest residents and beyond.

“We want this to have an urban core to it to bring people together from all over the place. We want it to have an energy and a spark to it where people can share ideas,” said Acken.