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Pinewood Forrest neighbors want less density, more details


If Pinewood Atlanta Holdings, which owns Pinewood Atlanta Studios, is granted annexation and rezoning permission, the development group plans to build two hotels, several parks, a small amphitheater, a chapel, more than 175,000 square feet of commercial buildings, 714 single-family homes and 324 apartment homes on 232 acres of land, about a fourth of which is un-developable wetlands.

All of this, currently called Pinewood Forrest, would be located just across Veterans Parkway from the Pinewood Atlanta Studios campus. It would also be located adjacent to the 47-acre Sorrow Family property, situated to the north, which has two homes on it.

Michael Sorrow, who along with his wife owns one of those homes and 44 of those acres, told Fayetteville Planning and Zoning commissioners Tuesday night that the currently proposed density is too high and will too negatively affect the rural lifestyle he and his family were seeking when they bought that land on Veterans Parkway several years ago. Sorrow also said he is concerned about the conceptual drawings, which show a bunch of those apartment buildings going right up next to his property line with little to no buffer.

Architect Bill Foley with Pinewood Atlanta Holdings later responded that drawings aren’t complete yet, and he said they only reflect the nature of what would be built there. Foley said they have already agreed in writing to put a 50-foot buffer between the Pinewood Forrest development and the Sorrow Family property. The Sorrow Family says they’d rather see a 200-foot buffer.

“We support progress,” Sorrow said, noting that he feels Pinewood Studios Atlanta has thus far been a good neighbor. He said he hoped the city would “do the right thing” and limit the density allowed next to the surrounding rural properties.

“We’re looking at maintaining that rural lifestyle,” Sorrow said.