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Peachtree City takes first look at 2019 budget

The City Council of Peachtree City presented a sneak peek into the Fiscal Year 2019 budget at Thursday’s meeting. Overall, Peachtree City has increased revenue and is trending upward heading into 2019.

Financial director Paul Salvatore took the lead on the budget details. He presented a slideshow of estimates and expenditures highlighting the city’s general fund, capital improvement plans, and enterprise funds.

The general fund has an estimated revenue of $37,056,830 representing a 3.4 percent increase from last year. The city’s appropriations also increased by $871,000.Total milage rates decrease by 0.01 mills due to a collective decision to try to maintain stabilization.

For capital improvement plans, Salvatore wanted to avoid any facilities bonds in the new year. As a result, the total CIP comes in at $2,414,550.

“We have ongoing plans to streamline and consolidate capital investments and recreational investments,” Salvatore said.

Some highlights of the CIP are $445,000 cash for citywide facilities/infrastructure improvements and $316,333 for public works and grounds equipment purchases. The city will also include 10 patrol cars for the police department. The total cost for police department equipment lands at $675,325.

The fire department and EMS will also get a bump in 2019. They will get $447,800 allocated to equipment, including a new medic unit replacement.

Finally, the city will add $530,092 for technology purposes, including a citywide personal computer replacement plan.

Salvatore said the technology is needed for everyone to get on the Windows 10 software system and move the servers to Windows 16. He outlined it adds better security. The cost for all the updated computers is $219,000, but the city might to spread that money out over five years.

Moving to enterprise funds, Salvatore looked key numbers for the stormwater utility and amphitheater funds. The plan is to to maintain pipes, structures, and detention ponds. The stormwater fund comes in around $3,000,000 in costs.

“It’s similar to last year as we will continue maintaining lines and finishing bond capital projects,” Paul Salvatore said.

The amphitheater operating funds sit at $1,388,549. The budget increased by $107,014 due to the concert series and five stand alone shows.

Lastly, there were some improvements to the hotel funds and a look at how recreational facilities would be managed.

The city council will formally vote on the 2019 budget in August.