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Peachtree City Planning approves West Side developments


Two developments on the west side of the city got the go ahead from the Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday. If built out, they could add over 800 new homes to the city.

Senior Planner David Rast explained that the two tracts of land were annexed into the city in 2007 and were then known as the “West Village,” and were zoned for residential use.

The Planning Commission spent the most time mulling over the details of the Wilksmoor Village development, a 650-unit age restricted subdivision that is one of the developer Kolter Homes’ Cresswind communities aimed at “active adults” over 55.

When the property was originally rezoned in 2007, Rast said, it called for an age-restricted community with 539 single family detached homes and 111 attached courtyard units. That plan had since fallen by the wayside and Rast said the tract has “sat undeveloped basically since it was rezoned in 2007.”

Now, Kolter Homes is in the process of purchasing the property for their own age-restricted project. As part of the process, they sought text amendments to the LUR-14 Limited-use Residential zoning on the property.

Rast, in his recommendation to the commission, divided those changes proposed by the applicant between “minor” changes and “major changes,” and suggested to the commission that he supported the former, but not the latter.

Perhaps most prominently, the applicant (Rochester & Associates, who has represented Kolter’s interests in these proceedings) wanted to make it a gated community and also wanted to prevent the city from establishing a new fire station where it has been planned, which is essentially across the street from the proposed entrance to the community. The requested change stated the city would not build a station within 1,000 feet of the entrance because it would be a “marketing” hindrance due to possible noise and aesthetic downsides.

The commission recommended denial of these requested changes.

Peachtree Fire Chief Joe O’Conor did say that there is another area the proposed station could be located, assuming the land was found to be adequate for the purpose. He said he had no issue choosing the other site if it proved to be good enough. Nonetheless, the commission agreed they should not “bind the city’s hands” with a requirement about where a station could be placed relative to a development.

The applicant was also denied a change that would have allowed the issuance of up to 200 Certificates of Occupancy before the MacDuff Parkway extension is finished and open to traffic. The current zoning language, which the commission recommended be preserved, said zero certificates can be issued until the road is finished.

Other minor amendments to the language were agreed to, such as slightly reduced minimum floor sizes and setbacks.

The text amendments the zoning ordinance will now go before the council for review.

The Planning Commission also approved a concept plat for the “Weiland tract” also to be developed within the Wilksmoore Village area.

The 87.6-acre tract had recently been rezoned from General Industrial to General Residential for the planned 205-unit residential subdivision.

Rast’s memo regarding the development said the layout had been “reviewed extensively” during the rezoning and the applicant was ready to begin “Phase One of the overall development” which will include the extension of MacDuff Parkway to the subdivision entrance, the development of 87 lots and two internal parks, according to Rast’s memo.

It was also noted that the zoning for the property had placed a limit of issuing no more than 100 Certificates of Occupancy before MacDuff Parkway is finished and open to traffic.

The Planning Commission recommended the concept plat for approval with a few conditions, including that the multi-use path adjacent to Franklin Ridge Drive will be extended to the subdivision entrance as part of Phase One.